Throwing Grenades
 at Gilligan's Island

Steve Mitchell
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What happened to the bargirls, street kids and mama-sans when the Americans left Vietnam at the end of the war?


The Vietnam War is winding down when young petty officer Connor Simmons reports aboard the repair ship USS Tutanga anchored in the Saigon River, one of the last navy ships remaining “in country.” There he meets House, a battle-scarred patrol boat sailor haunted by an ambush that paralyzed his shipmate Chris Canada.


When Canada asks House to rescue his girlfriend Anh from the Saigon bars, House can’t refuse the man who pulled him from the river and saved his life. But Connor falls for Mai, Anh’s little sister, which threatens House’s plan to hijack a boat and carry Anh, Mai and Canada to freedom.


Throwing Grenades at Gilligan’s Island is a 97,000-word historical-adventure novel that explores love, loyalty and the absurdity of war against the exotic backdrop of Saigon, Vung Tau, Singapore and the rivers of Vietnam.


I’ve recently completed the fourth and I hope final draft of this novel in January 2011 and plan to search for agent representation this spring.
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